Elementary school, preschool

Elementary school, preschool
  • School name: Elementary school and preschool
  • Founder: The Municipal office of Hiadeľ, numb. 68
  • Date of establishment: 01.09.2010
  • Language: Slovak

School entities:

Elementary school

Elementary school promotes personal development of each pupil in accordance with the principles and objectives of humanistic education. The school promotes the principles of tolerance, equality, democracy and patriotism. School staff helps children to develop their personality, cognitive, social, emotional and perceptual-motor abilities. The main objectives of the elementary school are to provide pupils with basic and general knowledge, skills and capabilities in the language, natural sciences, social sciences, arts and sports.

After school club

The after school club provides children with meaningful use of their leisure time. The club offers an interesting set of activities in accordance with the schools education program. These activities aim to satisfy the needs of each of the children and help develop their interests and skills.


A preschool (also nursery school, kindergarten outside the US and UK) is an educational establishment offering early childhood education to children between the ages of three and five, prior to the commencement of compulsory education at primary school. The preschool education in Hiadeľ is carried out according to the educational program called „Brave Ant“ („Smelý mravček“), which contains the curriculum designed in accordance to the educational standards of The National  educational program ISCED 0.

The main aim of preschool is to attain the optimal socio-emotional, intellectual, physical, moral and aesthetical development of children.

School canteen

The school kitchen provides fresh meals every day on site. As well as a range of wholesome, nutritious and delicious snacks and meals for pupils and school staff, the cook also offers lunches for the inhabitants of the village, provided that they sign up beforehand. The price of meal is € 3.50 per lunch. When preparing meals, the cook takes into account the regional customs, tastes of the diners and most importantly the School food policy in Slovakia.

Private elementary school of arts

Private elementary school of arts is based in Banská Bystrica but it has many offices. Private elementary school of arts in Hiadeľ was established in September 2015 and offers education in two artistic fields: literary-dramatic and musical.

Teaching is conducted by external an internal teachers.